Victoria, Michelle and Grandpa's Birthday

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1840ChistieMemaJames.gif (26284 bytes) 1895Vickie&cake.gif (45728 bytes) 1914James.gif (36880 bytes) 1979JohnDonitaVickeMIchell.gif (39933 bytes)
Chirstie, James, and Mema
on Easter
Victoria with her
second cake
James watching the
goings on
John, Donita, and the
girls before blowing out the candles
1956zack.gif (54377 bytes) 1957Vickie&Gramdma.gif (59805 bytes) 1959Caleb.gif (40746 bytes) 1981Michelle.gif (68038 bytes)
Zack outside on the slide Victoria and Big Grandma Caleb playing outside Michele eating her first
birthday cake
1989Zack&vickie.gif (63337 bytes) 1997JennyJohnChirsite.gif (87919 bytes) 1999JohnJennychirstie.gif (39729 bytes) 2022Michelle&John.gif (46422 bytes)
Zack and Victoria chowing down of birthday cake. John, Jennifer, and Christie at the Party--
Three fine kids
Same Michele and John
2023MommieMotor.gif (38516 bytes) 2024Christie& James.gif (32431 bytes) VictoriaEating.gif (44570 bytes)  
Barbara with a birthday prize Christie and James Victoria eating birthday supper  

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As you can see, we are truly blessed with kids and Grand Kids.

Praise the Lord for all His blessings.