Grandkids and Family

ON Easter Day

On Easter Day we have celebrations with family and grandkids.  We eat lots of good food.

But let us remember the reason for the celebration--


Christ died just for us.

He showed us the Way

Here are some pictures of family and cat on Easter Day

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1855nickjennyeric.gif (23630 bytes) 1860nick.gif (21848 bytes) 1865zack.gif (63524 bytes) 1873Johnathan.gif (50759 bytes)
Nick in Sun glasses
with his mom and
Nick with Easter
Zack with Blanket Johnathan with
Easter Stuff
1877Barbara&Michelle.gif (42562 bytes) 1878Michelle.gif (44150 bytes) 1880Vickie.gif (37448 bytes) 1881Calebmostly.gif (48253 bytes)
Barbara with Michelle
Victoria, Zack, and Nick
in the background
Michelle after Mr
Bumble Ball
Victoria  on Easter
Caleb, Johnathan on
the Floor - Easter
1891Johnwatchingkids.gif (61013 bytes) 1897Johnathan.gif (39137 bytes) 1918Christie&James.gif (49094 bytes) PaPa&James.gif (54089 bytes)
Our Son John watching
our Grand kids (his)
Johnathan with
Easter Eggs
Christie (youngest
 Daughter) with James (her son)
James helping
 PaPa to open his
Birthday Present
simon.gif (42583 bytes)      
Simon our cat 
Passed on  in 2003

WE hope you have enjoyed our Easter Photographs

God Bless you All

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