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Another year is rolling around.  The kids are growing and retirement is great.

me ma and pa pa have more time to spend with Grandkids and hobbies and yard.

Below are some photos from the first half of 2009

DSC00354.JPG (70776 bytes) family.jpg (77787 bytes) GrandKids.jpg (79062 bytes) GoofyKids.jpg (84205 bytes)
 our kids John Jennifer and Christie 
at the house for stakes.
Barbara and I with the 
All the Grandkids
Caleb Broke his leg
Grandkids being 
Grandma-Michelle-fieldTrip.jpg (97359 bytes) JamesFishing.jpg (491887 bytes) james-Zack-2.jpg (73642 bytes) Johnathan-Band.jpg (72013 bytes)
Grandma and Michelle 
during a field Trip
James fishing Zack and James at Camp Johnathan Playing the
Euphonium in Satsuma's Band
john-Jenny-Christie.jpg (70776 bytes) MaxLouie.jpg (60722 bytes) Michelle-GrandParentdDay.jpg (56733 bytes) zack-james.jpg (62238 bytes)
Our Kids-July 09 Max and Louie(White)
from ASPCA- New additions
 to our house hold
Michelle at Grand Parents day Zack and James